New house design, no kidding

Well we were all excited to head up to Massachusetts today for our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kidding Class (baby goats are called kids), but due to bad weather in MA the class was postponed. We will try again next weekend, but most likely without the actual kidding experience.

So instead we worked out a new house design this weekend. Actually there have been multiple versions since the last house design posting, but very few have legs. The version shown above was inspired by an article in this month’s Fine Homebuilding. It’s a very early version of this layout, but I like how several things are working. It descends down the hill, working with the terrain. It also has a sheltered deck with plenty of open views and a small basement despite the one story spread. Other than the stepping, the geometry is quite simple (ignore the plethora of windows and textures for now).

The cons are that it’s one level (meaning more roof and more foundation work) and it’s more spread out (meaning more surface area to bleed heat to the winter winds.) It’s not the final design, but it’s the second design that seems worthy of posting. We still have a year or more, so nothing final yet (sorry Jill).

2 Responses to “New house design, no kidding”

  1. 2 Wade 22-February-2009 at 8:30 pm

    All the rain drippeth on the little model guy’s head …

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