Preliminary Survey Results

Tonight I completed a sketch of the preliminary survey results. If you’ve been reading the earlier posts, you’ll recall that I’m using a transit level to survey the current driveway in order to figure out the path of the new driveway. Its been a bit of a slow process. The terrain is so steep that it takes a lot of setups with the instrument to measure the elevations. Plus the dense summer foliage has slowed us down considerably.

Thus far we’ve measured approximately 470 horizontal feet and 94.7 vertical feet from the access road to the top of the drive near the log cabin. That sets the drive at approx. 20% slope. I used 5′ intervals to show the elevations starting at the road. There’s some parts that are very steep, and other areas that are just regular steep.

This may be the end of the surveying till late fall, when the leaves drop and we have better visibility with the instrument.

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