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Building Permit… check!

It’s official. We’re building a house!

Well done.

460 feet. 20-25 gallons per minute. That’s it until we get power to the site (another long story). Then we install the pump. Then we get water.

Drill baby, drill!

I took Monday off to take Bernie to the vet and hand-deliver our building permit to the county inspection office.

When I came back I found that the well guys had arrived and were dowsing the spot where we wanted to place the well. I was a bit nervous because there were not too many other places to put the well, so I hoped this one would be a good spot.

They asked if anyone had dowsed the location. I said no, I can only dowse ledge. After laughing he said he couldn’t have picked a better spot. So they set up their rig and started drilling that afternoon. I had to leave at 5. By then I think they were already 200 feet down and had set casing down to 40 feet.

Gravel for Driveway

They added the top coat of gravel this week. It’s now a smooth drive up to the house site.

Permit plan set

Plans submitted for permit

We’re applying for our building permit this week. We finally have the plans updated and the documents ready. We have to submit them to the local town first for a general approval, to make sure we’re following any local ordinances, then its off to the county inspector for review and approval. With luck we could have our permit by the end of next week. I’ve included the final plan set that we’re submitting for the permit. Enjoy.

Stone culvert progress

As we wait for out building permit, we’ve been busying ourselves with a few small projects. One is building stone walls over the culverts at the road. I thought I could finish the project over the July 4th weekend, but I only got one side finished. Will hopefully have the other side completed next weekend.

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