Framing Begins

Last week Joe and Warren installed the perimeter footing drain, 1000 gallon rain water cistern, assorted drain pipes and then back-filled around the foundation walls. Materials including the trusses, beams, lally columns  and floor sheathing also arrived. We were ready for a full day of activities on Saturday because we knew Sunday would be rainy.

Although we don’t have a picture, we managed to install the sill plates with gaskets, main beam (a 32 foot LVL laminated beam) and all the back bay trusses before the rain started. The gaskets under the sill plate are part of our air sealing system.

Next week we hope to finish installing the cement filled lally columns in the basement, the front bay trusses and put down the first floor sheathing. It’s going to take shape quickly from here. Stay tuned.

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