More framing!

Last week after we put up the first floor exterior walls, Warren finished the interior wall framing, including the double stud wall and the structural wall that separates south-facing living spaces from the north-facing support spaces. He also tacked a few second floor trusses into place.

This weekend we finished installing all the second floor trusses and the second floor decking. We even got a chance to put up a few of the external sheathing ZIP panels.

If you’re not familiar with ZIP panels, they are plywood panels with a special external coating (the green layer). This coating acts as our moisture and vapor barrier when the seams between the panels are taped with ZIP tape. Using the ZIP panels means we don’t need house wrap or felt and will make our exterior air sealing much easier.

3 Responses to “More framing!”

  1. 1 Jim Merrithew 7-January-2011 at 4:45 pm

    How does the material and labour cost of installing the ZIP system compare with using OSB and Typar or Tyvek? – Jim

    • 2 Larry 7-January-2011 at 6:26 pm

      Honestly, I don’t have any hard numbers. From our experience, it goes up fast and offers good protection till the roof and siding go up. It is more expensive, i’m just not sure how much. Some people have concerns about using OSB on the exterior, but they don’t usually mention Zip. But we decided it wouldn’t hurt to go with a rain screen detail.

      If you don’t use zip (and you’re not using exterior XPF) then you’d have to paint and tape the seams, and use a building wrap. One for the air barrier and one for moisture barrier. A lot more labor and time, which is why I think people go with XPF on the exterior of the sheathing. Its easier to tape and seal.

  2. 3 Jim Merrithew 7-January-2011 at 6:50 pm

    Thanks – Jim

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