Green Homes Open House

Each year, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association organizes a Green Homes Open House event. This year it was October 2nd. We visited two of the homes, one in construction and one that had been completed a few years ago.

At the first house (in construction) we were able to see the same windows, AccurateDorwin, that we plan to use. They were also using a double stud wall structure with rain screen similar to ours and one of the metal roofs that we have been considering. I was glad to see the windows and talk to the owner about the delivery and installation. I also asked how they were able to accommodate the wood burning appliance in a tight home. He said “we’ll just open the windows.” Sort of negates the whole point of building a tight home, but I admit I’m a bit jealous.

The second house featured a slew of green energy features. ThermoTech windows, Larson trusses, double-stud walls, radiant floor heat, geothermal heat pump, 7KW solar PV, solar hot water, and the list goes on. The house has been certified net zero, but the owners don’t live there full time so it was difficult to ask questions about what it really was like living in a net zero house. Was it comfortable without a lot of user involvement? Did the house overheat without careful adjustment of shades and opening and closing of windows? I guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves.

What I enjoyed most was talking to fellow energy nerds all day. It was great to meet folks that were interested in the same issues and construction details. I look forward to including our house in the tour next year.

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