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Window installation begins

We started installing windows today. We started with the two smallest windows on the north side. First we built the plywood box that spans the inner and outer stud walls (see interior view). Then add a spacer frame at the exterior face that will give us space to line the box with 1″ of rigid foam. Then we tape the entire opening using a rubberized-asphalt tape (Grace Ice and Water Shield) (step 1). We start at the sill, then the jambs and then the header. The tape seals the sheathing to the frame. We are using a drainage plane detail so we staple on furring strips around the rough opening over the tape (step 2). Then insert the window and tape the window flange jambs and header to the sheathing (step 3). The sill flange is not taped to allow drainage.

Later we will shoot low expansion foam into the gap between the window and frame from the inside to air seal the window to the exterior shell.

Windows have arrived!

The windows were delivered Thursday (see our earlier post on our window decision). We have 14 window units in 6 different sizes/configurations (see window schedule). We were waiting for the windows to verify all the dimensions for the window rough openings. We’ve also settled on our window flashing details. Most details cover drainage or air sealing but not both. It took a bit of research to determine the right approach. We’re going to try to have all the windows in before Thanksgiving. I’ll post some pictures of the installation process.

November Update

Lots going on the last few weeks. All major framing and sheathing is complete, including the gable ends and the basement walkout. The wood siding, metal roof and fiberglass doors have been ordered. The windows are tentatively scheduled to arrive next week. Warren has been working like mad to get the house closed in before Winter settles in.

Over the weekend we started priming the roof trim boards that need to go on before the metal roof, and one of the three exterior doors.

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