Electrical and some landscaping

We’re trying to do as many things inside as we can these days due to spring rains.

The main activity has been installing electrical boxes and running wire. We want to be ready for the solar installers, who may begin their work later this week. We got the main panel in last week and are now working on installing wall outlets and light fixture boxes. We’re fitting our exterior wall outlets inside poly boxes to simplify our air sealing details. A little foam where the wires pass through and some sealant on the edge of the box when we install the drywall should help keep interior air out of the walls.

In the landscaping department, we received the 3 apple trees we ordered from Trees of Antiquity this past weekend and planted them on the hill behind the house. Our mini orchard consists of a Macoun, a Jonathan, and a Newtown Pippin—all organic NY state heirloom varieties. Then we surrounded them with deer fence and a 4 stage electronic surveillance system designed to thwart all but the most devious of deer. (Just kidding about the surveillance system.)

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