Porch finished, for now

Still have a bit of painting, but the framing, siding and trim are complete. Porch is now the storage area for the remaining siding.

Metal roof materials for the porch and roofets should arrive next week. Getting the remaining metal roofs finished is high priority because it’s holding up completing the siding work and, believe it or not, the leach field. We are using a scissor lift to install the siding and roofs and it’s too heavy to drive over the leach field, so we have to finish at least the south side before we can install the leach field.

In the mean time we paint siding, a lot. All weekend, every weekend. I’m also trying to find someone to install gutters, 6″ half rounds, aluminum in Tuxedo Gray, with 4″ downspouts. We’re also hoping to start the sheetrock on the second floor ceiling soon so we can do our first blower door test sometime in early September.

1 Response to “Porch finished, for now”

  1. 1 Jim Merrithew 17-August-2011 at 12:19 pm

    Hi Larry,
    Make sure the gutters are well attached to the house. As the ice and snow slides off the roof or fills the gutters, the weight can pull the trough off the house.

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