Cellulose installation in basement

I took a quick run over to the house at lunch today to meet our cellulose installer, Don Patton, and take a few photos of the work in progress. But a quick movie says a thousand pictures right?

They start by netting the walls. They staple the netting on the face of the studs and inset about 1/4″ inside the edge of the stud to tighten the net and make it easier to install the sheetrock later.

First they fill the walls with the bulk hose. This gets a lot of material into the wall quickly.

Then they use a smaller tube and move it around in the wall to add more material and increase the density. They have a roller that helps compress the material and flatten it out.

Don cut a 12″ square hole in the netting to show how dense the cellulose is packed. It really sticks to itself and stays in the wall.

They were on track to finish the basement today and do a small section upstairs in the bathroom behind the tub. We’re trying to close in the bathroom so we can start working on the tub, marble slab, shower tile and plumbing.

Don also has a blower door and is interested in doing a pretest tomorrow to see roughly where we stand before the official test next week. More details on that coming soon.

1 Response to “Cellulose installation in basement”

  1. 1 Bill and Susan Christison 8-September-2011 at 5:10 pm

    Jill and Larry

    What changes since we last visited.
    I just today e-mailed Gretchen (Great!! re Glenn 🙂
    She mentioned that You and Larry were living in Bennington VT.
    {btw as a youngster our family visited my aunt & Uncle each summer. They lived on a mountain-top on a Chicken farm.The location was Pownell,Vt..
    My Uncle was a night-guard at the Green Mountain Race track.}
    Such a beautiful part of the World.
    Look forward to hearing back.

    Bill & Susan Christison

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