Photo Tour

We’ve been living in the house for one month and are now mostly unpacked (except for Larry’s office) so I thought it was time to give everyone the 5 cent tour.

Still some work to do: Once the basement is cleared of construction tools and supplies, we’re going to start setting up the root cellar, work tables, homebrew kit & dart board (a.k.a. man cave.) We’re also still debating the best way to hang artwork on the walls. Larry’s hesitant to put nail holes in the exterior walls he worked so hard to air seal. And we still have a lot of stuff in storage that we need to unpack, but for now we’re just taking a few weeks to enjoy the place. We love it!

6 Responses to “Photo Tour”

  1. 1 Wade 5-February-2012 at 12:15 pm

    Four thoughts on the picture hanging:
    – old school picture rail crown trim, but this would be a lot of work
    – just mount at the stud locations, which would limit you +/- 8″
    – the picture hooks with the hardened steel nails that remove easy leave tiny holes, and when they’re in they plug the hole, so how are they gonna leak?
    – Larry’s crazy

  2. 3 Chuck 5-February-2012 at 10:50 pm

    Nice! Although, sadly, the office is the one that reminds me most of home…

  3. 4 Lucy Foxworth 7-February-2012 at 9:39 pm

    The house is really lovely including the regal-looking dog and the kitty (a tortie?). I especially like the bathroom. It is beautiful.

    I kind of agree with Larry about putting holes in the exterior walls. They have talked about that recently in one of the Green Building Advisor posts about service chases – basically empty walls just inside of the building envelope.

  4. 5 Jim Merrithew 10-February-2012 at 10:13 am

    Jill and Larry,
    The house is fabulous. I love the sense of light and airiness.
    I enjoyed the game, “Find the Pet!”
    I second Wade’s suggestion about a picture rail/crown moulding.
    When I eventually build my house, I will use Lucy’s suggestion of an interior wall on the warm side of the vapour barrier to allow for electrical services and additional insulation. The vapour barrier/airtightness plane will be set back from the drywall layer, so I will be able to drive picture hooks without perferating the VB. I may install scraps of lumber or plywood blocking in this cavity before the drywall is installed. This material will add slightly to the thermal mass and act as backing for shelves, pictures, toilet roll holders, towel racks, etc.

  5. 6 Liz Kormos 22-February-2012 at 10:43 am

    Great house, wonderful blog. We are in the planning phase for a house similar to yours to be located in the Village of Ballston Spa in Saratoga County (we live in Albany County now). Would it be possible for us and our potential builder (John Blouch of Ethos Homes) to visit your home. We are making major decisions regarding the heating and cooling, wall and roof construction, etc. and would love to have your input (lessons learned etc.).

    Thanks Liz

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