Second solar anniversary

Last month marked our second solar year. We produced 8,519 kWh and used 6,410 kWh for a net of -2,110 kWh from June 2012 to June 2013.

At $0.04 / kWh that works out to a credit of $86.41 from the electric company.

That’s a 46% decrease from last year when we generated a surplus of 3,650 kWh and a credit of $159.68.

Not only did we produce less this year, we used more.

Note: with the new plug-in hybrid, we’ll be using even more of our surplus, and saving more. We’re spending roughly 13 to 19 cent’s per mile in gas.  We’re saving an estimated $400 to $600 in gas each year by using electricity (13 miles/day * $0.19 = 2.47/day * 250 days) which the electric company would only pay us about $55 (1,400 kWh * $0.04) if we sold it back as surplus.

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