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Why we traded in our Plug-in Hybrid

Last year in July, we were excited to purchase a plug-in hybrid. I was a truly great car. It rarely needed gas. It was fun to drive. It helped us use more of our surplus solar electric generation. It even hauled a few goats.

But it spent a lot of time at the bottom of the driveway last winter. And as a 2 wheel drive vehicle, it was doing quite a bit of damage to our steep gravel driveway the rest of the year. The savings in gas were just going into a fund to maintain the driveway.

It wasn’t easy, but we finally decided to trade in the Prius for an all wheel drive car last month. We already miss the gas savings, and that pious feeling you get driving a Prius. But the driveway is doing much better and Jill won’t have to leave it at the bottom of the hill quite so often this winter.

Started a new category, ‘Lessons Learned’.

We signed up for the National Solar Tour

We’ll open our doors October 4th from 10am to 4pm.

The solar tour is a chance for home owners that have installed solar of some kind to open their doors the first weekend of October to answer questions about living with solar.

To see solar homes on the tour in your area, go to the National Solar Tour. If there is not a tour in your area, you can zoom into the map to find homes near your location.

Hopefully the sun will be out and the meter will be spinning backwards!

(Disclaimer, the meter is digital. It doesn’t really spin. But it does count down instead of up!)

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