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Detailed data finally available again

We changed energy monitors in March and the new data format broke my database scripts, but I finally found time to update my scripts and publish* our hourly data for the period March to November. One thing I noticed immediately was that I had been sloppy in my reporting of energy use for that time period. I used the UI to select dates and didn’t realize I wasn’t getting the most accurate timeframe. As a result, I’m going to post an updated energy record at the end of January for the entire year.

Good news, we’re still on track to produce more energy than we used for 2014, but it is going to be a squeaker. At the end of November we had a revised 829 kWh in the bank. As of today, December 19, at 11:31 am Eastern time, we had used 495 kWh and generated 115 kWh for a net usage of 380 kWh. We have roughly 12 and a half days left and 449 kWh left in the bank.

The solar panels have been covered in snow 8 days day this month and our average usage is 26.7 kWh/day. So even if we had no sun the rest of the month and continued our average usage, we’d use 347 kWh leaving us with just 102 kWh to spare. Thankfully, we’ll get a little sunlight on the panels and the forecast is warmer next week. Fingers crossed.

* Detailed data available at NetPlusDesign.

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