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38,323 hours of solar and usage data visualization

Solar and usage data visualization

I’ve been trying some abstract visualizations that use data we have collected at the house. The image above was composed from 38,323 hours of solar generation and total usage data. It is a heat map in the sense that hours of higher generation or higher usage are brighter in color. The columns are days. Can you tell which columns are the weekends? Which areas correspond to day and night, summer and winter?

Third quarter 2016 performance

Q3 2016 summary: 10% cooler, 3% less usage and about the same amount of sun as compared to Q3 2015.

This is part of our quarterly home performance reporting. All data is posted at

Nothing exciting to report, which is normal for 3rd quarters.

At 7am on May 31st we became net positive for the year. As of the end of September, we have a surplus of 1,900 kWh heading into the final months of 2016.

Overall, here’s how this quarter compared to 2015.
Chart showing usage, solar, net and hdd

2015 Usage Solar PV Net usage
or (surplus)
daily usage
Total 991 2,866 (1,875) 10.8 175
Jul 342 949 (607) 11.0 39
Aug 332 1003 (671) 10.7 34
Sep 317 914 (597) 10.6 102
2016 Usage Solar PV Net usage
or (surplus)
daily usage
Total 958 2,857 (1,900) 10.4 192
Jul 300 955 (655) 9.7 32
Aug 330 934 (604) 10.6 27
Sep 328 968 (641) 10.9 133
All values in kWh (except HDD which is base 65°F).

Water usage was up 22%. Water for the garden plus we installed a water softener and flushed the hot water tank this summer.

You can see heat maps and detailed charts of temperature and electrical usage at View hourly, daily and monthly values for solar, usage, net usage, circuit-level usage, temperatures and HDD.

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