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Floor update

The wood floor on the second floor is officially sanded and sealed. We used a clear satin finish from Vermont Natural Coatings. It’s pretty awesome stuff. The floors are beautiful. Jill applied 3 coats this weekend.

Warren finished laying the first floor Friday. It will be sanded Monday and Tuesday and we’ll start sealing it Tuesday night. They recommend a full 7 days to let it cure. In the meantime Warren will be working on outside tasks and getting ready for stairs.

November update: floors, doors and sills and kitchen

We’re on the final push. In the last week we finished laying the wood floor on the second floor. It will be sanded later this week, then we’ll apply a natural whey-based sealer. Warren also installed the interior doors and window sills on the second floor. They will get a coat of paint next week.

Other progress includes building a base for the kitchen cabinets and island, and assembling the cabinets. We also bid out the kitchen counters and ordered all the appliances on Black Friday. Jill will post later this week on our appliance selections.

Activities for the rest of the week include laying the wood floor and installing the interior doors on the first floor. There’s also some small remaining sheetrock and taping to finish the island.

Then there’s all the odds and ends, final electrical and plumbing hookups. Stairs. Trim. It’s going to be a busy December!

Wood floor installation begins

We started installing the wood floor today. Just wanted to post a few photos. It looks great and will look even better after it’s sanded and sealed.

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