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Solar continued…

Last week we saw a lot of rain, making for a slippery roof and slowing down the solar installation. They were only able to finish wiring the inverter to the main panel and install the first set of rails for the lower row of panels.

This is their first installation on our type of metal roof. See our post describing our metal roof. They were concerned that the rib was a bit taller, (1 3/4″) than they encounter on ordinary folded metal roofs. They called the manufacturer (ASP) and decided to put an S-5 clip on every rib, as opposed to every other rib. The ribs are approximately 18″ apart.

Progress should be quicker now that they have the first set of rails up. Hopefully they’ll get the next set of rails and maybe a few panels up on the next clear day.

Inching closer to power at the site

The rock drilling truck for National Grid showed up on Thursday to drill the remaining 3 holes, 1 for a pole and 2 for wire anchors. (Unfortunately I could not be there to take a picture.) They succeeded despite the 12-18 inches of snow that fell earlier in the week. Warren plowed the drive and spread enough sand for a small beach.

For some reason they were unable to finish filling the anchor hole for one pole and were unable to set the last pole. A crew arrived the next day to set the pole, but were unable to do anything else. So we await yet another visit by the power company to complete the anchors and string the wire, then hopefully install a meter and box.

And lastly, a shot of the house after the snow storm. It’s shedding the snow quite easily on the south facing side, and only about a quarter of the snow still clings to the north side. The last two remaining roof panels are scheduled to arrive early this week, but more snow is on the way…

Poles and roof

National Grid was at the site today to begin installing electric service to the house. This has been a long journey that started back in May.

Yesterday they came out to check the site and decided to try to install the poles with a regular pole auger. We told them there was a lot of rock and ledge, but it was worth a try. If successful it would be cheaper than their original estimate to install service with a rock drill for all poles.

They were able to place 2 out of the 3 poles, and 1 out of 3 cable anchors. They are going to use the rock drill for the remaining pole and 2 cable anchors. There is apparently only one National Grid rock drilling machine in the state. I hope to be the rock drill paparazzi and snap a few pics for the blog.

Roof-wise, they were 6 or 7 panels shy of finishing the north face today. They ran out of fasteners, but a new supply arrived late in the day. We were hoping to finish tomorrow, but they’re calling for 7-9 inches of snow in the next 24 hours so we may not make much more progress this week.

Metal roof progress

They started installing the metal roof yesterday. They were able to complete most of the south facing side. Today they completed the south side (except for the final panel which has yet to be cut), and they completed about a quarter of the north side. Weather willing, they should finish tomorrow.

We’re using a standing seam, snap-on type concealed fastener metal panel system, made by ASP a local sheet metal fabrication company in Scotia. It costs somewhere between a true standing seam (hand folded on site) and a screw down metal roof. The advantage is that the fasteners are concealed so the panels can expand and contract without stressing the fasteners. It’s all prefabricated, so the labor cost is lower.

And now that we can see it in place, we think it looks great.

The south facing side has more fasteners due to the solar panel installation that will be on that side.

We’re still debating snow guards. I have no doubt that snow will accumulate even with a 12/12 pitch and metal roof. When it comes down it will dangerous to anything in it’s way, not to mention our gutters. Had a nice discussion of the merits of a snap on metal roof for solar and snow guards on GreenBuildingAdvisor. Lots of good advice there.

Soffit and roof update

The soffit and trim around the roof is mostly completed and the metal roof arrived Thursday last week. Now all we need is a few days of good weather (i.e. no snow) to get the roof on.

Window and doors update, siding and snow arrives

Yesterday we had a sales rep for AccurateDorwin come out to the site to see first hand our window woes. He confirmed our findings and promised to set things straight. But as of today, still no official word.

In more positive news, two of the three doors have been installed. We now have a weather protected space to work while its 29 degrees outside. Too bad all the work is on the outside.

Speaking of outside, our siding has arrived. It’s all primed and ready to go in 20 foot long pieces of hemlock. And it’s just in time because we had our first snow yesterday.

We’re still waiting on the metal roof. It was suppose to be delivered last week.

On a final note, I met today with a solar PV installer from GroSolar to get an estimate. More on this when I get a quote from them, hopefully in the next day or so.

We have a roof over our heads

Last week Warren & crew were able to get the roof on the house. You can now get a feel of the overall shape and scale of the house in the landscape. The roof pitch is 12/12 or 45° angle for you non-building folk. This should be the best angle for our eventual solar PV array. Next, the gables will be framed and we’ll be mostly closed in. The windows arrive in 2-4 weeks and we’ll be ordering the Therma-Tru fiberglass exterior doors soon. More details soon.

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