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Window and doors update, siding and snow arrives

Yesterday we had a sales rep for AccurateDorwin come out to the site to see first hand our window woes. He confirmed our findings and promised to set things straight. But as of today, still no official word.

In more positive news, two of the three doors have been installed. We now have a weather protected space to work while its 29 degrees outside. Too bad all the work is on the outside.

Speaking of outside, our siding has arrived. It’s all primed and ready to go in 20 foot long pieces of hemlock. And it’s just in time because we had our first snow yesterday.

We’re still waiting on the metal roof. It was suppose to be delivered last week.

On a final note, I met today with a solar PV installer from GroSolar to get an estimate. More on this when I get a quote from them, hopefully in the next day or so.

November Update

Lots going on the last few weeks. All major framing and sheathing is complete, including the gable ends and the basement walkout. The wood siding, metal roof and fiberglass doors have been ordered. The windows are tentatively scheduled to arrive next week. Warren has been working like mad to get the house closed in before Winter settles in.

Over the weekend we started priming the roof trim boards that need to go on before the metal roof, and one of the three exterior doors.

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