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Photo Tour

We’ve been living in the house for one month and are now mostly unpacked (except for Larry’s office) so I thought it was time to give everyone the 5 cent tour.

Still some work to do: Once the basement is cleared of construction tools and supplies, we’re going to start setting up the root cellar, work tables, homebrew kit & dart board (a.k.a. man cave.) We’re also still debating the best way to hang artwork on the walls. Larry’s hesitant to put nail holes in the exterior walls he worked so hard to air seal. And we still have a lot of stuff in storage that we need to unpack, but for now we’re just taking a few weeks to enjoy the place. We love it!


Our custom stairs are almost finished. Warren planed, joined and sanded our site cut rough sawn maple into beautiful stair treads that match the rest of the wood flooring. There is still a bit of work to finish them. Jill has already taped and applied 3 layer of sealer, the same we used for the rest of the floors. Next we have to finish trimming out the landings and paint the trim. We have to be completely finished by Tuesday next week when the appraiser arrives. It’s going to be another busy weekend.

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